Safety Tips

Apple Airtag Tracking Devices

The Old Westbury Police Department has been aware of Apple AirTag devices and reviewing information that has been gathered from multiple law enforcement agencies across the country.  Since the release of Apple AirTag in the spring of 2021, some of these devices have been used for various criminal purposes.  Please see the attached information on Apple AirTag tracking devices.  If you are alerted to an Apple AirTag device in your vicinity and think you are being followed call 911, or drive directly to the Old Westbury Police Headquarters if in Old Westbury or to the closest police precinct if outside of Old Westbury.    Please click here to see the associated flyer.

Automobile Warning

The Old Westbury Police Department would like to issue the following recommendations to our residents to help safeguard your vehicles and your property:

  • Lock your car doors at all times, day and night, especially if you keep a garage door opener in your vehicle.
  • Never leave valuables inside your car. If you do, make sure they are not visible from the outside.
  • Never leave or hide a smart key or spare key anywhere in or on your vehicle
  • When programming your vehicle's navigation system, do not set your home address as "Home." Label it as something else.
  • Utilize sufficient exterior lighting on your home
  • If you have a home security system, check that your cameras and alarm are functioning properly.

The Old Westbury Police Department thanks you for taking the time to read this important message.

Burglary Prevention Tips to Keep Your Home and Family Safe and Secure.

  1. Always keep your garage door, interior door and front door closed and locked, even when at home. It only takes a moment for a burglar to enter your home and take something.
  2. Remember to lock your windows, doors and use your alarm system when both home and away.
  3. If you have a video surveillance system, be sure the cameras and recorder are properly functioning.
  4. Keep lights on timers, music playing or the TV on, to have the home appear occupied.
  5. If you park your vehicle outside overnight, remove your garage door opener from view. Burglars could use it to enter your home while you sleep.
  6. Place your purse/wallet in a location that is out of view. Burglars are known to look into homes prior to breaking in to see what they can take.
  7. Participate in the Operation Identification Program. Record the serial and model numbers to your electronics, remove any irreplaceable items from your home and place them in a safety deposit box or other secure location.
  8. If going on vacation, have a neighbor watch your home and pick-up the mail and newspapers.
  9. Report suspicious activity when you see it without delay. Call the Old Westbury Police Department direct 516-626-0200 or 911.   There are officers on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Public Safety Reminder

While the Old Westbury Police Department has reports of burglaries recently in our community, and we are aware that this activity has continued to occur in the surrounding area. Please make sure that your alarm systems are functioning properly and are activated whenever possible. Report any suspicious people or vehicles to the Old Westbury Police Department immediately.

Phone Scams

There have been an increase of phone scams across Nassau County.  Often times the elderly population is targeted.  Please click here to view prevention tips and share them with your family members/DocumentCenter/View/996